The Body Knows

This training is limited to 8 participants and fills fast
Early registration is recommended
Four- 3 day Weekends between October 6, 2018 and March 18, 2019 in Beautiful Ojai, California

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The Body Knows is a professional training and certificate program in Somatic Psychotherapy for therapists, body workers, and those curious about the body-mind connection with an emphasis on experience, self-knowledge, practice, and integration.

Each session, you will have an opportunity to deepen your understanding of somatic psychotherapy through embodied practices, lecturettes, experientials, facilitated group discussions, self-reflection, movement, yoga, creative resourcing, and live demonstrations.

During this training, you will be exposed to a diverse range of experts who work in the fields of attachment psychology, depth psychology, dance-movement therapy, hakomi, mindfulness meditation, neuroscience, somatic experiencing, sensori-motor psychotherapy, spirituality, and yoga.

Core to this training is cultivating the art of slowing down so that you can integrate the learning from your body into your heart and mind. Working somatically with others is all about how you give attention to your own embodied experience so that you can learn to trust and yield to the information that flows through you moment to moment. When you are attuned to yourself, you can attune to another…and this creates the space for change to happen.

Choosing to take The Body Knows will shift your perception of how change and healing  happens. You will come to understand that allowing a client to settle in and feel their breath might, in fact, change their entire experience of how they see themselves. You will walk away with somatic tools that you can draw upon in a moment. You will know on the inside how to elegantly respond in a somatic way that supports and deepens your clients experience.

I believe learning happens best when the container is strong and there is ample time and space for everyone’s process. So I have decided to limit this training to 8 people. If you have some experience with somatics and are curious to deepen your understanding, than please consider joining us.  Give yourself the opportunity to have a new experience. For more information on each module, please click the links below.

Amanda Bjorn image, Tamika Rivera/Cuyo bracelets, robes James Kidd Studio and pictured are James Kidd and Lisa Wahlander of The Sunland Dancers.


Session I-October 6-8, 2018 | More Info

The Body-Mind Connection in Psychotherapy

  • Embodied Awareness
  • Neurophysiology of Emotions
  • Body and Self
  • Holding Space, Settling
Session II-November 10-12, 2018 | More Info

Healing the Traumatized Mind through Somatic Approaches

  • Stress & Trauma
  • Orienting, Resourcing, Tracking Sensations
  • Mindfulness, Making Contact
  • Staying With, Stabilizing
Session III-February 9-11, 2019 | More Info

Somatic Methods for working in the Present Moment

  • Centering, Grounding, Breath, Boundaries
  • Intrinsic and Expressive Movements
  • Completing Movement Sequences
  • Yoga Postures
Session IV-March 16-18, 2019| More Info

Depth Psychology and Body Centered Psychotherapy

  • Body as Metaphor
  • Resilience
  • Ethics of Touch
  • Containment and Space
  • Props and Proxemics