Session IV- Depth Psychology and Body Centered Psychotherapy

March 16-18, 2019
Saturday- Monday

Depth Psychology and Somatic Psychotherapy go hand in hand. Both are held within the deep feminine principle of active receptivity to the collective and creative unconscious. Dropping into the body we discover image, archetype, dream, metaphor, imagination and memory. We learn how to embody and explore these archetypes from the inside out, allowing the body to become the voice of the psyche.

During this module, you will learn how to gracefully shift from a conversation to a gesture or movement. You will come to understand that all language first begins in the body and that by tapping into unconscious material we bring forth the more subtle aspects of our psyche. When this happens, deep transformation may occur. New narratives are formed from direct experience. You may come to discover self-compassion in a way you have never imagined before, in your body.

Somatic Practices for this session primarily focus on the discipline of Authentic Movement and how this practice may be used with both individuals, couples and groups.

  • Understand the connection between Depth Psychology and Body Centered Psychotherapy
  • Learn the difference between soft techniques (gentle, non-invasive interventions that invite the client to have a particular experience) and hard techniques (boundaries, containment, strengthening the core) and when and how to integrate these within the session.
  • Understand how to work with relationship issues, spiritual themes, memories, dreams and archetypes from a somatically informed perspective.
  • Explore principles of working from the core and the periphery of the body to map and utilize somatic resources.
  • Ethics of Touch
  • Body Stories
  • Body Maps
  • Body as Metaphor
  • Dreambody
  • Resilience
  • Containment
  • Space
  • Gesture
  • Props and Proxemics