Notes on Embodiment

How we live inside our bodies is a map towards how we live inside our souls. Our bodies hold memory, imagination, history, and dreams. How we sit, stand and walk are not just functional movements, they are representations of our thoughts, feelings, behavior, internal sensations and how we construct meaning in the world.

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Notes on Authenticity

Opening the door to authenticity requires vulnerability and risk. It asks us to step out of our comfort zone and be willing to do something different. Reaching out, when we feel like withdrawing. Speaking up when we imagine it’s going to make someone else uncomfortable. Allowing our emotions to be seen, when we

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Notes on Intuition

Intuition is a felt sense. When we are open, calm, and present.. intuition naturally comes in. We can cultivate the space of intuition by creating quiet, empty spaces to listen from within. This happens best when we allow ourselves to be receptive to earth energies, the yielding nature of gravity, the spaciousness of

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