SOMATIC PSYCHOTHERAPY certificate program

72 CE approved by NBCC for NBCC credit. Wendy Elliott is solely responsible for all aspects of the program. NBCC approval SP2718-Renewed (2)

The Body Knows is a certification and training program in Somatic Psychotherapy for therapists, students, and interns. What makes this program unique is Wendy’s thirty-five years of experience integrating embodied awareness, ecopsychology, creative resourcing, dance-movement therapy, internal family systems, mindfulness, and somatic experiencing within the psychotherapeutic frame.

Every session you will engage in embodied practices, somatic experientials, facilitated group discussions, lecturettes, movement, and creative resourcing while also learning how to integrate the body, breath, and movement into your practice.

Located in beautiful Ojai, this training is about being nurtured, going deep into your body, while gaining confidence and skill in learning Somatic Psychotherapy.

The certification program is currently filled for 2018/2019. Dates for 2019/2020 are listed below.
Please register early as groups are intentionally small with a maximum of 8 people.

This training is like no other.

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Foundations of somatic psychotherapy
Saturday- Monday
October 11-13, 2019

In this first session, you will learn the foundational concepts of Somatic Psychotherapy and the Neuroscience of emotions.  You will understand how your nervous system is connected to your moods. You will learn how implicit memory is held in the body and movement. And you will gain practical somatic skills in grounding, centering and resourcing from within.

Somatic Experiencing to Heal Trauma
November 9-11, 2019

Our second session will focus on how the three types of trauma: attachment, psychological and physical are manifested in the body through activated states. Working from a Somatic Experiencing model, you will learn how to heal trauma through body awareness, attunement, breathing, contact, movement, tracking, pendulating, orientating, and cognitive realignment.

Depth Psychology and Somatics
February 22-24, 2020

Somatics and depth psychology create a harmonious connection. In this session, you will examine how the unconscious, imagery, archetypes, energy, metaphor, and dreams show up in your body and movement patterns. You will explore the intersections between your body and psyche, connecting image to sensation through active imagination, embodiement practices, and creative resourcing.

March 28-30, 2020

In our last session, you will refine your somatic perception, intuition, and choice of interventions. You will learn how to bring the art of improvisation into your sessions with clients. Drawing from a repetorie of somatic skills, you will learn how and what to do in the moment to best support containement, exploration, and self-expression.