Somatic Experiencing for Trauma Healing

October 10-12, 2020
9-4 PM

Trauma happens to all of us. It is a sense of overwhelm that results in physical, emotional, and spiritual distress. It can also be a pathway towards compassion and transformation. In this session, you will learn the basics of Somatic Experiencing and experience how the body may be the primary resource to resolve trauma and facilitate healing

“Wendy is very present to the needs of the group. Her experientials and demonstrations expanded my knowledge while encouraging my growth and providing a safe and loving space for all of us.

— Lauren Z, LMFT

Somatic Theory & Practices

During this session, you will gain skills for effectively helping clients heal from trauma by focusing on releasing bodily tensions in the therapeutic process. You will learn how to facilitate a process called “ resourcing” which supports the direction of attention towards neutral bodily sensations.
You will also practice tracking and how physical and emotional pain is released through non-judgmental body awareness.

  • Learn the Language of Sensation
  • Understand the physiological basis of trauma.
  • Learn basic Somatic Experiencing Techniques.
  • Effectively work with attachment patterns through the body.
  • Gain insight for how you organize experience and perception.
  • Tracking
  • Pendulation
  • Integrate mindfulness and somatic techniques of establishing continuity through the felt sense.
  • Use Somatic approaches to work with depression (hypoarousal) and anxiety (hyperaousal), and dissociation.
  • Deepen embodied awareness and attunement to support somatic resourcing.
  • Orienting
  • Resourcing

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