Somatics in the Present Moment

December 12-14, 2020

In this session you will integrate what you have learned thus far while expanding your repetorie to include somatic techniques drawn from the Gestalt Dance-Movement Therapy.

One of the tenets of Gestalt therapy is maintaining the awareness of the here and now. Power resides in experiencing the present rather than in description of symptoms, taking these concepts into the body becomes powerful and direct way for clients to make contact and shifts in self-identity.


“This is a powerful workshop. I especially appreciate the relational skills and competency of the facilitation. Wendy is highly knowledgable and a great teacher, who made the experiential learning come alive.”

— Jackie B, LMFT, Gestalt Therapist

Somatic Theory & practices

In this session you will integrate what you have been playing with all along.

  • Embodied Intuition
  • Internal Family Systems and Somatics
  • Present Moment Work: Containment, Exploration and Expression. Know what to do when.
  • Tracking and contacting: how to track and use somatic cues like tone of voice, gestures, facial expressions and body posture to access unconscious material
  • Gestalt Dance-Movement Therapy
  • Space and Time
  • Rhythm and Tempo
  • Integrating the Natural World
  • Developmental Movement Patterns
  • Attachment Styles and Somatic Attunement
  • Body reading: Recognize and work with subtle changes (flushing or paling of the skin, slight tension or trembling) and gross changes (flexion or collapse of the spine, a turn in the neck) within the session.

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