Foundations of Somatic Psychotherapy

September 12-14, 2020
9-4 PM

Somatic Psychotherapy is grounded in the understanding that our body and our mind flow as one continuous loop. In this first session, you will learn how memory is encoded in the body and movement patterns. You will understand the value of body awareness and how the nervous system is connected to mood. You will learn how to ground, center, and resource to manage fear. And you will discover the power of attunement to shift energy and deepen the work.

“This program helped me learn about Somatic Psychothearpy through a perfect blend of theory and experience. Being able to experience myself as more present and aware of my body allowed learning to resonnate on a deeper level.

— De Anna H, MFT

You will explore how thoughts, feelings, memory, and imagination influence your sensori-motor system and are manifested in your body through sensation, gesture, space, movement, and stillness.

You will integrate this knowledge through mindfulness practice and somatic practices of embodied awareness, authentic movement, yoga, pranayama, somatic experiencing, and dance-movement therapy. Visual and written self-reflection will also be invited.

Somatic Theory & Practices

  • Embodied Awareness
  • Mindfulness
  • Attunement
  • The Truine Brain
  • Sensori-Motor Processing
  • The Neuroscience of Emotions
  • Polyvagal Theory
  • Window of Tolerance
  • Understanding the Stress Response
  • Procedural Memory and Action Tendencies
  • Developing a Cohesive Self
  • Three Part breathing
  • Using Space
  • Tracking Sensation
  • Resourcing
  • Yielding
  • Body Awareness
  • Embodied Empathy
  • Settling
  • Making Contact
  • Top Down, Bottom Up Processing
  • Hierarchical Processing
  • Posture

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