The Shape of Connection


Life is all about relationship. Relationship to self, relationship to other, relationship to the colblective. How, in our roles as healers, therapists, bodyworkers, educators so we support others in accessing their inner resources to reach out and make a connection? How is stillness different from numbness? What is the sensation of contentment? How do these inner states held within our body give us direct information for how to move out of our comfort zone and trust the not knowing that is essential for participating in any relationship?

Nature is smarter than humans. Symbiotic relationships are a natural part of the life cycle. Distinct and unique organisms exist and create a relationships that are mutually harmonious and interdependent. It is not about merging or being the same, it’s about discovering how we can connect and come into our aliveness through our differences. We need each other, that is the good news. Each of us is a unique organism and it is in meeting in our difference that we find wholeness.