Somatics in the Present Moment

SESSION TWO- MARCH 21-23, 2020

In this session you will integrate what you have learned thus far while expanding your repetorie to include somatic techniques drawn from the Dance-Movement Therapy field.

Embodied intuition is a learned skill that you will cultivate this weekend. Listening is a full body experience and as you deepen this skill you will discover that it is easier to draw from your somatic toolbox and find the right tool.

This is a powerful workshop. I especially appreciate the relational skills and competency of the facilitation. Wendy is highly knowledgable and a great teacher, who made the experiential learning come alive.”
— Jackie B, LMFT, Gestalt Therapist

SOMATIC THEORY & practices

In this session you will integrate what you have been playing with all along.

  • Embodied Intuition

  • Internal Family Systems and Somatics

  • Present Moment Work: Containment, Exploration and Expression. Know what to do when.

  • Tracking and contacting: how to track and use somatic cues like tone of voice, gestures, facial expressions and body posture to access unconscious material

  • Gestalt Dance-Movement Therapy

  • Space and Time

  • Rhythm and Tempo

  • Integrating the Natural World

  • Developmental Movement Patterns

  • Attachment Styles and Somatic Attunement

  • Body reading: Recognize and work with subtle changes (flushing or paling of the skin, slight tension or trembling) and gross changes (flexion or collapse of the spine, a turn in the neck) within the session.