Sespe Wilderness
SOMA Experience

8:00 AM Meet up in OJai
6:00 Pm Return to Ojai
Date: TBD
Sepse Wilerness, Los Padres National forest

Limited to 8

Join us for a day in the Sespe Wilderness, connect with nature, connect with yourself, and allow the landscape to settle and soften you.

Come join us for a nourishing and soul filled day. Reconnect with the earth and your body by walking into the Sespe wilderness. Our day will begin early meeting up in Ojai at 8AM and carpooling together. We will drive up the 33 until we reach Lion campground (3060 feet), about a 35 minute drive. From here we will gather as a group, plant our feet firmly on the earth, feeling the support of gravity, looking up to the immense sky, noticing the shapes of the eroding landscape, noticing our bodies, creating intention and spaciousness as we set out to allow the landscape to change us.

We will hike 2.5 miles to Paradise Pools ( a secret spot) this is an easy hike with lots of sun exposure. and spend time in this sacred oasis feeling our breath and bones making contact with the earth. You will be invited to engage in shamanic practices to deepen your soul’s connection to the Mother.

We will spend time in silence, meditation, and deep play. We will share food, stories, and swimming is available if you like.

After Paradise Pools, we will return the same way we came in, but extend our journey by wandering into Pierdras Blancas. From here you will have time to explore these mythic white rocks and find a spot to be still and receive. Your psychoecological niche is an experience waiting to be remembered. We will then gather as a group to share, move, and meditate with the landscape before we head back to Lion campground.

This will be a magical day, much needed for all. Please consider joining us.

The Sespe Wilderness is Wendy’s backyard. She loves to explore this area, knows it well, and would love to have you join her.

Somatic Self-Attunement

August 21, 2020
Ojai, California
$150.00 – includes tea and tasty snacks
Limited to 8

As therapists, our internal state and nervous system directly informs what happens in the room with our clients. Attuning to ourselves is essential if we are going to attune with our clients. Having the time and space to go slow, step inside yourself, and make contact with what is really happening inside of you is deeply nourishing and necessary.

When we feel out of balance and overwhelmed from the amount we are holding it effects how we feel on the inside. We may have a non-stop low buzz, headaches, digestive issues, and feel exhausted more often than not. In this one day workshop you will slow down and by doing so discover you have more energy and focus by the end of the day.

It will be about being in your body in the most nourishing way imaginable with colleagues, being quiet, touching in, reflecting from here about how our inner state may remain resourced and nourished as we continue to hold, witness, and bring compassion to others. The day will be spent in stillness, movement, and self-reflection. You will have ample time to spend in your body in a way that feels connected and nourishing for you. Accessing an inner sense of attunement, you will find ways of dropping into a deeper level of body awareness and ease that will support your core presence and your work with clients.

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